Stephanie Meyer-Senior

Consultant - Brisbane

After a decade freelancing in TV/Content production and photography, working on things like docu-series for Discovery Channel to creating photographic collateral for small businesses to shooting behind-the-scenes content for recording artists – I came into creative recruitment because I truly have a soft spot for my new home. Aside from the gorgeous weather (I’m from Miami, it’s even HOTTER there), friendly and open people, and chilled out river city vibes – there’s a sense here of pure potential, a city on the brink of something special. 

I wanted to take part in that potential, delve into the creative industry and use my experiences to advise and guide wherever possible; become gave me that opportunity. I love the ethos behind our team, the focus on finding the RIGHT fit not just a fast fix (but hey if you can do both, then even better) and the value of candidate and client care.

I love talking to other creatives over a coffee or a wine (although you DO make some good cider here) and creating friendly yet frank relationships with both my candidates and clients alike. On my off hours you can find me cooking up Latin food in my kitchen, a comic book shop, roller derby practice, and pretty much anywhere there’s live music, theatre or comedy – usually with a camera in hand.