Product manager

Digital product manager - Melbourne based 


We are looking for an experienced Product Manager to contribute to the product function for our clients with the ultimate goal of growing the customer base. You will work with cross-functional delivery teams including Developers and UX Designers and will work collaboratively with Marketing, Sales and CX to develop and continuously improve digital products.

You will play a pivotal role in the product direction of the company. The Product Manager position is accountable for identifying customer needs, implementing the latest technology to improve products, developing strategies to meet customer demands, monitoring the progress of new products and working with other departments, to assist in developing metrics tied to a strategy, to deliver on the vision and goals.

You will strive in a culture of thinking differently, driving the development and design of new products to push the boundaries of what this company can achieve (We are not scared of doing things that are hard and embrace mistakes for what we can learn from them!).


What we need from a Product Manager in this role
This Product helps customers launch advertising campaigns on Facebook & Google eco-systems. We ideally are looking for a candidate with similar experience.

What we expect from great Product Managers
  • ●  A high calibre leader with significant experience driving Product improvements in leading digital/SAAS companies
  • ●  A demonstrable track record of delivering great customer experiences alongside business results
  • ●  Experience in and understanding digital marketing technologies is preferred.
  • ●  Ideally, should have at least 5 years of experience leading teams with high engagement and great people practices
  • ●  Strong commercial and operational acumen enabling you to make solid recommendations, with long term impacts to the P&L in mind
  • ●  Excellent decision-making, analytical (from the web to database) and problem-solving skills
  • ●  Excellent planning skills and experience, naturally capable of seeing dependencies and driving others to deliver, while maintaining great relationships – a diplomat yet a driver of outcomes
  • ●  Innovative and forward-looking mindset
Some of the perks (but not all) - 

We all know we don’t need to be in the same room anymore to get stuff done! We have a balance of working from home and in the office so you can get it all done but spend time building human connections at the office too! (We currently have an at ‘home office allowance’ of up to $500 to help get set up with everything you need to succeed at home.)

Collaboration - we’re not going to give you a solution to build - were going to give you a problem to solve with your team and you are ALL going to figure it out together

Work-life balance - whether you have kids, pets, need an extra-long weekend, a mental health day or if you need to go to an appointment - take the time - we trust you’ll get the work done!

If you are interested in this role, please hit apply or reach out via LinkedIn -