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Demystifying UX/UI and Product Design

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Dani State

become podcast

Applying for a new role can be a daunting process. Our podcasts are here to make the process as seamless as possible, by providing you with the information and tools you need to land your next dream role. Hosted by our experienced Australia, Hong Kong and UK teams, we aim to help you stand out and showcase your ability and experience. 

Listen to our latest podcast  - demystifying UX/UI and product design 

This podcast is hosted by Dani State from the become Sydney Office, Australia. 

What we’re exploring today:

  • What is UX, UI and Product Design?

  • What are the job roles and where do your skills fit?

  • The rise of digital and how it has come to the forefront of industries, creating new roles

  • Where UX, UI and Product Design fits within an agency/company

Who is this episode for?

  • Anyone who is interested in getting into the field 

  • If you want a bit of clarification of what UX, UI and Product Designers do 

  • People who want to upskill

Let's start by…

Explaining what a UX researcher does?

  • UX stands for User Experience

  • Research methods, quantitative research 

  • Validating what the users want and the problems are

  • Applying traditional methodologies to the digital design process

  • Has to be about the customer and the problem if there is one

  • What do customers actually want and what they need?

  • Overlaps with UX design, they can work together

  • Depending on the size of the company, team and budget, will suggest the amount or level of research they do

Explaining what a UX designer does?

  • Focus on the experience of the user and customer for the digital product

  • Find out if the product is enjoyable to use

  • Do they align with the business needs?

  • Information architecture, what information needs to be in the product

  • User personas, user testing, iterating, wireframes, no visual design in a UX design role

  • We sort out the journey, it’s like the cogs of a clock - does it function, is it enjoyable to watch? 

  • Agile environment, constantly changing - if something is not working, you have to take it back and move it forward with the user in mind

  • Do more testing, change the UX - it is not a linear process

What are UX personas?

  • Who is using the product?

  • Understanding the ideal customer and the different kind of customers

  • Based on research and analytics 

  • UI stands for User Interface

What is digital design?

  • Part of the UX but depends on the company and set up or how the organisation is built

  • The bit we see as the user - we don’t see the cogs, it is the top layer of the entire process

  • It encompasses the look, feel, typography, colour, a little bit of visual design

  • Does not include graphic design 

Can UX, UI and research all go together?

  • Small companies will have broader roles

  • Bigger companies separate those roles into UX designer, UI designer, prototyping, user testing etc.

  • Most companies will have a digital presence - UX and UI will be somewhere in the business

  • There is a lot of evidence that digital presence is beneficial for your business as a whole

What are Product Designers?

  • Product Designer does encompass most of UX/UI, dependent on the business

  • Understands the constraints of technology 

  • Always design with the users in mind and business requirements will underpin their choices

  • Management roles normally - ensure the product is delivered 

  • Tend to find them at smaller companies, start-ups, agencies etc. 

  • Potential to grow a team of more specialized designers

  • Understand the whole Product - create the app, website, microsites

Things to be mindful of:

  • Be aware of what skills you have and what skills you want to use - what do you enjoy most? 

  • Is this where I want to take my career?

  • Upskill through an appropriate course at General Assembly, Academic XI, Billy Blue etc.

  • Upskill on full-time intensive, part-time basic courses or crash courses in UX/UI

  • Existing design background, psychology degree etc.

  • Good to have commercial experience to back up your applications

  • Competitive, saturated job market, so you must have a good point of difference

  • To get into the industry quickly, go into a junior role and work your way up

  • Industry experience is crucial and you’ll learn things on the job - it's not possible to learn everything in a 10-week course

Tips for people interviewing for the roles - how to get hired

  • UX/UI Design - the key is your process, you must have an excellent understanding of your process

  • Be great at explaining your process and what you have done in the project and what the team has accomplished together, that’s really important

  • Have a really good portfolio if you have design skills

  • Be able to discuss what decisions you made during the project, how did you arrive at this?

  • Problem-solving is an important part of the process

  • If you don’t have a portfolio, you can showcase your case studies

  • Case studies can be useful to showcase your work, the product, the research undertaken, wireframes etc. 

  • My biggest tip: clients want to know what the team did, but also what you did to contribute individually

Any final tips?

  • Soft skills are so important in this space

  • Having and showing empathy in this job role is really important - the ability to get underneath the customer‘s skin

  • Stakeholder management - dealing with stakeholders is an important part of your role, and to have the flexibility to work in different areas of the business

  • Managing expectations is vital!

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