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How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Recruiter

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Brian Abplanalp

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Applying for a new role can be a daunting process. Our podcasts are here to make the process as seamless as possible, by providing you with the information and tools you need to land your next dream role. Hosted by our experienced Australia, Hong Kong and UK teams, we aim to help you stand out and showcase your ability and experience. 

Listen to our latest podcast  - how to get the most out of working with a recruiter

This podcast is hosted by Brian Abplanalp from the become Sydney Office, Australia. 

What is a typical day in the life of a recruiter?

  • It is a blend of proactive and reactive work – a day plan is essential

  • Similar to most jobs, commence your day with emails and admin tasks

  • After admin, set out your priorities, get that done in 20 minutes

  • Follow up on applications, get back to applicants

  • Ensure applicants meet the requirements of the job – not all applicants are appropriate for the roles

  • Proactive work – actively search up on candidates

  • Recruitment consultants chat and consult with clients – we advise both parties, clients and candidates, we are the brokers with both parties at heart

  • We find a happy solution for both, that makes us happy!

One consultant may receive 30 applications over night which is why you need to stand out from the crowd. Your CV should be concise, outlining your skills and how they meet the requirements. Keep your CV relevant to the job and apply for roles that suit and are right for you. 

Make your application as visible as possible, this includes ensuring your profile on LinkedIn and Seek, making you more approachable. Add the finishing touches; get a new picture, update your profile with the latest information and experience.


  • Be concise on your Cover Letter and CV 

  • Build a strong relationship with your recruiter

  • Make sure you’re applying for the right role

  • Speak with the right recruitment consultant

  • Don’t spam your CV everywhere, tailor your CV for that specific role

  • General applications are fine too but you should be clear on what you want to do

  • If they haven’t heard back, follow up with a phone call after a few days

  • Do be careful and patient with receiving feedback from the recruiter

  • Be proactive in your approach but don’t annoy people by going too far

  • LinkedIn messages are great for facial recognition, and gives a personal aspect

  • Your LinkedIn gives the recruiter a quick snapshot of what you do and an understanding of your broader network


  • Don’t come to the door, don’t show up without an appointment - make a call or connect on LinkedIn is preferable

  • No errors or spelling mistakes – make sure you proof read everything!

A question for the listeners…

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Summary Take-Home Tips:

  • Cover Letter – 2/3 lines really highlighting why you are right for the role, help us to understand why

  • Don’t be too long. Less is more!

  • Really make sure every word counts

  • Ensure your phone has voice mail set up and ready to go

  • Communication is key at all stages of the process

  • If we couldn’t reach you, call or text back, we don’t want to bombard you

  • It is a two-way street, use us for knowledge and feedback

  • Get as much information from us as possible about the role and client

  • Have open communication and get along with your recruiter

  • The more you give to the recruiter, the more they give back to you

  • Make it fun, share stories and articles with your recruiter

  • Treat your recruiter as a trusted advisor

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