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Talking with Team Brisbane

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Alan Chan

become podcast

Applying for a new role can be a daunting process. Our podcasts are here to make the process as seamless as possible, by providing you with the information and tools you need to land your next dream role. Hosted by our experienced Australia, Hong Kong and UK teams, we aim to help you stand out and showcase your ability and experience. 

Listen to our latest podcast  - talking with Team Brisbane

Any trends in the Brisbane recruitment market?

  • People in non-agency background are starting to move into agencies in Brisbane

  • As a candidate you need to be open and aware of what you’re going in for

  • You might lose creative control, you need to be prepared 

  • If you’re willing to weigh up, the exciting brands you’re going to work for, over salary package, then it will be a great experience

  • Increase in cover letters, we will present the candidate in the best possible light

  • Work history on your CV, showcases the nuts and bolts

  • Don’t over design your CV, it can make it difficult to read

  • Keep it clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing

We’re here to land you your dream job. What are your top tips in helping candidates to land their dream job, and not just simply being hired?

  • Start to take those roles, that may move you up. Move laterally, you have to align yourself with a clear pathway

  • Identify what you truly want to do, even if it is to move side-ways

  • Be honest with your recruiter, so we know what your priorities are

  • We help you come up with a game plan

  • It’s helpful to know what candidates haven’t liked or enjoyed in the their past jobs, e.g. environments, particular work styles etc. 

What are your thoughts on “your biggest weakness” question?

  • It comes down how you phrase your response

  • Rethink it as, what do you want to improve on? 

  • Don’t be over confident with yourself. This question, can show great self-awareness if you answer it correctly

  • No one expects you to know everything. You don’t need to pretend to know everything

Top Tips for candidates when preparing your CV?

  • Be precise and concise with your CV, don’t be so floury 

  • Use key wording 

  • Storytelling CV – mention what the company does, your role etc.

  • Know what an achievement is, something above and beyond, be specific in your CV

  • Remember to spell check, it matters

  • Any type of social media, does it pass the ‘mum test’? Make sure it’s on private 

  • Ensure you’re on LinkedIn, be active on it and add value

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