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Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves To Be Successful In 2022
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Questions every leader should ask themselves to be successful in 2022

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

The past two years were more heavily focused on leadership development than other years in recent history. Over the course of just a few months, leaders learned how to adapt their organisations to a rapidly changing market. They have learned new ways to work and collaborate, and how to make sure their employees do the same, all while working remotely. It also created the opportunity for them to challenge their perception of what was 'normal', and to look at their organisation from a fresh perspective.

With Covid-19 slowly coming to an end, every leader should be focused on their self-reflection. Just like leaders do not want their employees showing up and doing no more than what's expected of them, leaders should do the same and examine how they lead.

As you reflect on your leadership role, here are four questions you should ask yourself to ensure you are being the kind of leader your team needs to succeed today and in the future.

  • What motivates me to lead?

It's probably best to start by asking yourself the most important question of all. Even though it might sound simple, you should recognise what makes you a good leader every day and ask yourself ''What motivates me to lead effectively?''. Many people tend not to ask themselves this question since it seems obvious. But it's crucial to reflect on this question to evaluate how you work and what will keep you motivated in the future to do your best for your organisation.

  • Have I hired the right people with the right skills, and how can I retain them?

Knowing the market is changing is one thing, determining what should be done is another. There is about to be a new war for talent as companies plan for a post-Covid era. Therefore, every leader should be re-evaluating their company.

Is there a skill gap in your organisation? How did your existing team perform last year? Do you need to retrain or upskill them? How will you ensure you attract the right people with the right skills in the future?

We must also remember that the attitudes of many people toward work have fundamentally changed over the last few years. It's becoming more important than ever to work for an organisation with a purpose, provide flexible working options for a better work-life balance, offer learning and development opportunities, and supporting mental health. So, to keep your staff happy, those are the things you should be offering as a leader.

  • How does my vision of success hold up today?

Your business will thrive if you have a clear vision of what success looks like for you. Additionally, it will tell you where you can cut expenses and where you need to invest. Have you thought of what this will look like? Don't think of short-term targets and numbers, think long-term - what is your vision for the business for the next 3 years?

Leaving aside financial results, what are the overall goals of your business or team? As these questions aren't new, they're ones that you should be readdressing due to the move towards a more virtual, global, and continuous marketplace throughout every industry.

Today, more than ever, it is imperative to question everything from your organisation's purpose to the expectations of your customers and their experience with your organisation. Is your old vision still relevant in today's world or does it need to be re-evaluated?

  • What is the best technology to invest in?

In an instant, companies went virtual, and we adapted to survive and thrive using remote workers. Now, as we all consider what will happen in 2022 and beyond, leaders must ask how technology can support the inevitable changes that will come and, ultimately, how they can ensure the success of their organisations.

Questions regarding technology in business should be on the minds of all leaders. For example, is my website or commerce platform competitive in what could be a national or global market? Do I need to worry about the security of my data now that it's shared across home networks, cities, and even continents?

It may seem obvious to say this, but technology will become increasingly important in the future. It will be the organisations that discover new ways to use it to increase revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the employee experience that will reap the benefits.

Every leader will have their own perspective depending on their situation, and if you want your businesses to thrive in 2022, you need to find your answers to these questions. For more information about how your leadership skills can make your business flourish in the future, contact our Specialist Recruitment team today!