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What to Consider When Making your Next Career Move

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Mitch King

When considering your next career move, which do you think of first; the company or the position?

  • Would you rather be the Creative Director of an average agency or an Art Director at the best?

  • Would you rather win awards or never work past 6pm?

  • Work with the best creative teams on small projects or a nightmare team on high profile jobs?

  • A big name client with a huge budget that only likes safe ideas, or a little client with no budget that loves to take risks?

  • $140k for 6 days a week or $80k for 4 days a week?

  • 1 hour commute to your dream company or a 5 minute walk to a "6 out of 10"?

  • Extra annual leave or a puppy room?

  • Unlimited training budget or charity days?

There's no miracle message at the end of this, these are just examples of the types of questions I've found helpful for people that know they want a change but haven't yet pin pointed what it is they are looking for.

Defining what you are looking for before you start applying for roles can be an important step in having an efficient and positive job hunting experience. Take the time to self assess, be honest about what it is you’re looking for, not getting in your current role and need in your job / employer to be happy.

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